South A 2012/13

I've no idea what might happen though. The last couple of years, with McKinnon last year fielding their 3rds in South Seconds, and the arrangements this year is a step in the right direction.

definitely agree that results/ladder position should determine grades. I played against the McKinnon 3's twice in sth 2's last yr and they were very competitive matching us in the 1st game in particular despite being a much younger team. At least 2 guys we played in the 1st game were holding their own in a premiership winning 2's team by the end of the year. They were in the right grade for the strength of the club shown by them just missing the finals.

Having played in the cmca where results determine all grades, id prefer to have promotion and relegation sort the grades. fighting to stay up is a great way for under performing teams to stay interested to the end of the year. It also helps stop players being pushed down to help lower teams make finals if a team falls out of contention as they r needed to fight to stay up. It's a great gauge for the strength of clubs too, Bentleigh Uniting have highly competitive teams in the top 4 grades while other clubs have 2's as low as C grade

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I see the Mckinnon and Old Mentonians both had losses, but they did come up against 2 of the better teams in the comp this year, be interesting to see how they go this week