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Kev Davis;364093 said:
the shame about that though max is that in 2004, Englands up and coming young players were of a fairly good quality, against the Windies a young squad including, cook, strauss, gerraint jones, simon jones absolutely smashed them, followed up a year later in the ashes and have really dropped of since then!

is it time the ecb looked at lowering the overseas player from 2 permitted to 1 permitted and on the flip side of that raising the qualifications to be eligible to play for england???

look at how many overseas players have played in pommy colours since the 70's,

strauss - SA
hick - Zim
Greig - SA
KP - Sa
gerraint jones AUS
ben (RIP) and adam holliaoke - AUS.

theres a few to start with. says alot about the qualification process right there
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