Neville Young

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Mike Gatting lost the captaincy for inviting a barmaid to visit his hotel room.
Botham banned for admitting he had smoked cannabis.
Flintoff lost the vice-captaincy for getting on the turps and falling out of a pedal boat.
Is Stokes so valuable to English cricket that his behaviour will be ignored?
If he does make the Ashes tour he will get a very warm reception here.


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I suspect he is about to be cleared of all charges and then should really be on the next plane out.

I believe a court would see his behaviour as all legitimate self defence against a weaponised assault.


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What happened with stokesy wasn't that flash.
It means that when a cricketer goes out in public to have a bite to eat somewhere they should be allowed to without being harassed by idiots.
Something similar happened to marlon black from the west indies who ended up having some nasty head injury.
People shouldn't go and have a fight with anyone famous.
It proves that they are in the wrong.