Trent Bridge To Host First Test Of 2013 Ashes


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Awesome...Wondering if you can help me though... I'm currently in Oz and am looking to take my husband to the UK for the 2013 ashes tour series.

I've come across this company. Have you ever heard of them before?



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Thanks for getting back to me. This is the link to the website

I think they're the official tour operator for the ashes 2013 on behalf of Cricket Australia.

I was just wondering if you've personally used them or heard of anyone who has?

I'm useless at these sort sort of things and I don't want to book the wrong thing.

Thanks you so much :)

Liz Ward

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There are many companies that offer packages and you are going to pay quite a bit whoever you go with. For peace of mind I [personally] would always go with an official site and as this company is affiliated to Cricket Australia you would have a considerable amount of security. However, word of warning, their packages have sold incredibly well and they only have a few left so if you are serious, get on to it soon! ;)