Wrist Spin History Questions & Answers


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I'm working on re-vamping my very popular Legspin blog and have a heap of questions I need to get answered. The one that's bugging me at the moment relates to the Slider. I've virtually re-read Grimmetts 'Taking Wickets' and have come away from that with a slightly updated take on Grimmett and his Flippers e.g. at that stage (1930) he was only experimenting with them, albeit all four variations - Top, back, leg and off-spin.

(1). With regards the conventional deliveries the impression I have from 'Taking Wickets' with regards the Slider is that Grimmett didn't bowl it? That then leads me to ask - when is the Slider first mentioned in any documentation either by Grimmett or before or after? Whole invented the slider?

(2). There was recent discussion elsewhere with regards the Scottish Wrist Spinner Ian Peebles indicating that he or his biographer had described Wrist Spinning as being of the Australian Approach - ripping the ball from the fingers or the English approach - rolling the ball from the fingers. In Grimmetts book, he describes his action as one of rolling or twisting the ball from the fingers. At what point did any Aussie develop the 'Rip' from the fingers and again where is this first described and recorded?