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    General Chat 14/15

    I believe your information to be totally wrong Roger but I bet the Prez is having the last laugh - great game played with a great result. Both teams played it hard to the finish, bet the comp would be pretty happy how it panned out. The only one overruled from the Executive from what Ive heard...
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    West B1 & B2 Season 2012/2013

    Where was Fabulous Phil on the weekend, on a sabatical?;)
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    Senior Division 2012-13

    Daisy was totally in charge and calling the shots at training last night so I would suggest your rumour to be incorrect.
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    North A And B

    Does it take more than two weeks to fix such a problem?
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    Senior Division 2012-13

    Getting fairly bored with the politics going on here, any danger of talking up the cricket? What have we gleaned out of the first two completed rounds? Greenvale look to be big improvers, Hoppers seem to have been able to cover the loss of Ahmed, Yarraville Club are back to their devastating...
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    Vtca 2012/13 Player Movements

    Taylor and Magafas would have to be two of the worst blokes to ever grace the field in the VTCA. Abers have always been a good bunch of blokes to play against, good to enjoy a beer with and have a chinwag after play. Not any more. How quickly the fabric of a club can change in one foul swoop.
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    Senior Division 2011/2012

    Yeah poor old APW, coach walks out after not getting paid, Taylor shopping himself around allready for the same reason. Looks like more off season exedus's from the "Sooks of Senior Division". By the way is Rutley still out in the middle of the Hogan's Rd Oval with his umbrella still arguing the...
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    Senior Division 2011/2012

    Looking like a great game Beauy Vs Hoppers - looks like Daisy got amongst it currently 90no. Will be interesting Hewitt Vs The Sheik of Tweek. Noticed he picked up 4/17 playing 20/20 for Melb Uni Vs Footscray Edgwater last night. The bloke certainly is a star.
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    General Chat 2011/12

    Hey NCDP looks like the self proclaimed is now the best spinner in the VTCA - 25 wkts already with 3 five wkt hauls including several of the best bats in Senior Division. Looks like another one you got wrong champ!
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    General Chat 2011/12

    Looks like poor old NCDP has two eyes firmly planted on the Cats? Wonder Why?
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    General Chat 2011/12

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    Anyone Know Of Any Moves Or Signings For The 2011/12 Season???

    Have to agree. Think Danny is well past his best, his archilies is stuffed. Was only interested in base payments not incentives and didn't take up offers with a couple of Senior Division clubs. Much easier for a broken down hack in Nth Division, I would have thought.
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    2010 / 11 general chat.

    Memo to No Truth At All, gee got that one really wrong champ, played and won the GF, how'd your mob go buddy? As far as splashing the cash, not neccesary mate, players are lining up to head to Hogans Road. Especially from your club, Wonder why?
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    North Division 10/11

    Word is Luke McCumber is the one they have targeted???
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    North Division 10/11

    Na mate Law never an option with points down to 44, they need to find a good player with less points.