99.94 World Cricket Quiz.

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Here is one to get the quiz rolling.
Q: The first ever international cricket match was played between what two countries. As a bonus can you name the year.
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Thats terrible mate. Complete blank. An Aussie?
Was really awful.

It was NZ cricketer Bob Blair - in a test match against South Africa in Joburg he went out to bat with one of our best batsmen ever, Bert Sutcliffe... As well as Blairs fiancee 150 other people were killed in the rail disaster too which was on Christmas eve.

Mate here's an article from The Sydney Morning Herald about it :
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I lifted this from online.

Tangiwai was the site of what is considered to be the worst railway disaster in New Zealand 's history. It happened on Christmas Eve 1953, when the passenger train travelling from Wellington to Auckland suddenly plunged into the Whangaehu river at Tangiwai and 151 people lost their lives.