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Again, just crap. The only thngs you post is pot shots and negativity towards Subbies and there is nothing you have posted that is of any interest to anyone on this thread. The truth is what it is, and that is Subbies is fine as a stand alone competition and none of your rubbish posts changes the facts. F off back to your minor league comp, no one gives a F what you think. I honestly don't know why you post on this thread as you bring nothing to the table. I am out of peanuts, give us a spell!!!
The truth really hurts.


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Interesting news at Cricket Victoria

Tony Dodemaide has resigned as CEO, effective from April next year. With the revelations that the board could be overthrown at the AGM, is this a case of someone deciding to "jump before being pushed?"


Paul Amy reporting that Malvern have lost 2 more to Beaumaris in the CSB. That's 4 senior players gone to the new comp now. 3 to Beaumaris and 1 to McKinnon.
not sure Malvern handled replacing Streker the best, might be the right move but letting him find out via twitter wasn't going to go down well!!


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Travel is not an issue in subbies. You play 6 games against teams in your zone. Half of your games against the opposing zone are at home anyway. You 'travel' 3 or 4 times a year.


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That of course depends on where you live.. subbies only really represents the inner south.
PV have some distances to travel, Rd1 to HX, Rd5 to TL, Rd9 to Willy and Rd10 to Y'ville. Other hikes are Rd4, W'bee to PV, Rd8, Melton to PV and, Rd11 Altona to PV. Seems to me it is only PV who will have several long across-city hikes.