Victorian Bushfire's


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Victorian Bushfire's

Hey Guys and Gals of the Big Cricket Community,

For those not in Australia we have had some pretty devestating fires over the last few days. On Saturday all records were broken for heat (46.2 C in Melbourne smashed the previous hottest day ever on record) and combine that with some very very strong Northerly winds and teh day was being described as the most dangerous day in our history for bushfires. And they weren't wrong.

Whole communities have been wiped out in the most hardest hit areas of Kinglake, Marysville and other areas.

Here is a link for those who haven't seen the devastation of the fire

There have been confirmed 108 deaths including ex-newsreader Brian Nalor, women, children and men. It makes it the worse fire realted toll ever. Higher then Ash Wednesday in the 1980s and Black Friday in the 30s.

The disgusting thing about this is that most of the fires have been deliveratly lit by fire bugs out for a bit of excitment. Total disbelief that on such a dangerous day people would do this. Just stuffed up in the head (have a lot more colourful langauge to use but can't really use it)

I was asked by one of our mods The Wizz to put a thread up as he is too devestated to write up anything. He has informed me that he knows of 7 close people that have lost their lives in the Whittlsea area. Just tragic and my thoughts and those of the Big Cricket community are with you Wizz and the others of this horrible time!

You can donate to the REd Cross and give some of your hard end money to the families that have lost some 600+ homes

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Re: Victorian Bushfire's

It's very upsetting to hear that they think some of them were deliberatly lit when they warned how bad the condition would be.

The old man said that there is a good picture of a ****er that lit a fire in Kings Park, hope they get the scum bag.
Re: Victorian Bushfire's

The Strathewan Cricket Club in the North Metro Cricket Association lost their club rooms, their ground and most of thier town.

Best wishes to everyone involved.


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Re: Victorian Bushfire's

Kram81;323246 said:
It's very upsetting to hear that they think some of them were deliberately lit when they warned how bad the condition would be.
Pyros don't care about warnings. They light fire to see destruction and they feel powerful becuase of it. These monsters should feel the full force of the law.

I've donated my wage to the appeal.


Re: Victorian Bushfire's

I can only add my condolences to those who have lost love-ones, and take my hat off to the fireman for working tirelessly. The link is upsetting, to state my initial response and I hope that my small contribution can help those in real need.

In times like these one realizes that sport takes a back seat..


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Re: Victorian Bushfire's

I've noted that some of the blokes I talk to on the forum who live that way seem to have disappeared off the radar as such. Like everyone else I hope they, their families and friends are alright and that they're not affected in any way. Watching the news here in the UK they're now talking about the death toll being in the 170 + region. It looks like an awful situation and I hope it improves soon so that the death toll ceases.
Re: Victorian Bushfire's

My condolences to anyone who has personally been affected by this awful event.:(
One of the more sadder news stories I have ever heard, or at the very least I cannot imagine anything more sadder than this, especially in this country.:(