What Records In Cricket Do You Think Will Be Broken?

Which records will be broken?

  • ABD's fastest 150

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  • Muralidaran's test wickets

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All will be beaten eventually I think. It may take a lot of time, many, many years but I believe all will fall one way or another. Records are meant to be broken and someone will come along and play well enough to break them all whether they be an innings record and one over an entire career.

South Africa being chokers though might not ever change. :D


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All of them, as in all of the list above other than SA being chokers and every other record. The game has changed and the records will fall. IT is the way of evolution. doesn't make any of these guys better batsmen or bowlers, look at the averages and games played and no one will get close to Bradman

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I think no one can able to break murlidharans test record of 800 test wickets, one good reason for that is IPL.
Great player earns good money within one season from IPL so test cricket not that much popular within next 5/6
Year but someone line Williamson/kock /virat or Root has potential to break most record created by Little Master
In limited over cricket.

Within next 3 mos 100 t20 will be plays in India, 65 IPL ,38 World twenty 20 plus 3 game vs Lanka by India.
Above is example of popularity of other than test so no one reaches TENDULKARS milestones of 49 test century.


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I really can't see Tendulkars record getting beaten, well at least for a while. For someone to break his record they'd have to be playing longer than him (which is highly unlikely) or averaging a lot higher in a shorter time frame career wise. I'm not saying that other batsmen don't have the capabilities, I just don't think many countries outside the subcontinent will be letting these guys start that early or play for that long. Not to forget that most youngsters these days reckon that T20 Cricket is the way to go, with an attitude like that it's pretty obvious that the game is slowly going backwards.

Anyway, the record that I think will most likely be beaten is the fastest century. Bigger bats + shorter boundaries + flat tracks + mediocre bowling attacks = runs galore... The modern game seems to be a hell of a lot faster than before, what use to be a a good strike rate back in the day is rather poor in these times.

Murali was a chucker and shouldn't count for mine.
I would assume that you're stressing the word "was", this of course being in the context that he was a chucker before the change in the rules. He will forever be labelled as the best and worst thing to happen to Cricket, I still love him though.

Murali bowling with a brace might change your views on him, that's if you're still not convinced
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