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So it is he I have to blame for boring the game for me. All those Aussies I listed were outstanding serve and volleyers. They also all played for nothing.. not the obscene pay packets that today turn players into spoiled brats. This all started with the obnoxious John McEnroe.
I don't mind watching matches with longer rallies which is why I also liked watching women tennis. Pay packets are obscene in a number of sports. I didn't particularly like McEnroe either.
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aka Thomas the Kraut
You're taking the words right out of....Sampras and Federer are the most elegant and efficient players I've ever watched. Just compare them to Agassi, McEnroe and the like. Jim Courier being the worst player ever. He almost made me switch off. I just couldn't watch that guy.


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I liked watching Staffi Graff, she never seemed to show emotion, always kept her composure. I liked the Spanish girls too, Conchita and Arancza, probably spelt wrong 😆but both girls were good to watch.


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She gets little publicity as she is now a wrinklie but Australia's Margaret Court was a joy to watch too. See if you can find some footage of her Jessica.