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Was that picture of a women in white at Mrs Grier's place the same as the women you saw on the stairs Richard, Jessica asked her husband once back home.
Pretty sure it was sweetheart. Notice Mrs Grier did not say anything to us about it even when we looked at it. I found that odd. I almost asked her who it was but declined. Is she more involved in this than simply a friendly and rather dotty neibor. Oh I almost forgot, what did she place into your hand when we were about to leave her place.
Jessica reached into a pocket and removed the large brass key.
This Richard. It has the inscription on it of 'Gates Key'. There is too much mystery surrounding this house. You have had a vision.. not me but I have had a sense of being touched or brushed gently by something. Always only when I'm alone.
Then Richard's tone became sterner. There are three people in this house, one that does not belong. Your brother Terry has had some dealings in para psychology hasn't he. I think this old house needs someone to eradicate whatever spirit remains here.
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Remembering what Mrs Grier had said about the old hidden gate at the back of their big garden, Jessica and Richard looked at the key with "Gates Key" etched onto it with renewed interest. "Ah" said Jessica, " the key must be for the garden gate! So why 'Gates' and not Gate?"
"It looks like a skeleton key" said Richard.
"And she wrote that message about the old man behind us who was related to the poor servant girl who took Alison Penhalligon's place in the coffin. Why was dotty old Mrs Grier so secretive as well? And what became of Daeved Penhalligon? He's surely dead by now.
And that picture of a woman in white in her home? "
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Later that night, Richard and Jessica were in their comfy front lounge tapping away quietly on their tablets when Jessica found herself staring into the fire. She knew Richard was still shaken from what he saw last night and had buried himself in his work.

Then her thoughts drifted away from her catering pursuits to thinking about her younger brother Terry. As a believer and fervent Catholic he was an Alterboy at just Nine, had chosen the Priesthood and became a young wandering priest as a fill-in here and there. He'd quietly mentioned to his older sister Jessica that he had other duties too, like the Paranormal, Possessions, ... etc..'sssh! don't mention that, even to Mum and Dad. Anyway, I have a big expense account which I rarely use. Air Fares, Meals, Cabs and Hotels mainly on my little excursions I'm sent on. Often it's just drugs and mental disorders. ..I'm currently doing a Masters in Psychology which is quite facinating. It really helps.
Terry even once quietly mentioned it to Jessica that he'd love to do a PhD doctorate on the Paranormal, but that would be frowned upon by the top echelons of the Church, for various reasons that he said smelled of credibility and money.
Terry understood and did not want to jeopardise his path to becoming a Bishop one day. He did his studies privately which pleased the Church.
Terry had done a double honours at Oxford in Theology and Philosophy whilst just a junior priest, so Jessica remembered. He was a good son ever dutiful and close to their parents and their younger sister Sarah. Wild wilful Sarah.
Jessica and even their parents often thought Terry was an oddball, but a nice one at least.

Sitting comfortably reminiscing about Terry, Jessica looked up at Richard who, working on lecture notes and power points, looked up at Jessica. Catching each other's gaze, they smiled at one another, when just then the phone rang. It was Terry.
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'Hiya Jesse, Tezz here. Just thinking of you. I have this weekend off with a nice hire car. Fancy me coming up to your new place this weekend for a look and catch-up with you and Richard? I have a tent and a nice bottle of vintage Brandy. How are you both settling in?'
Let me speak to him please Jessica.
Hello Terry just the person I wanted to talk to. Long time no see. Jessica was only saying the other day how long it had been. Listen mate we have had a paranormal visitation in our new house. I had the bejusus scared out of me two evenings ago when I saw a young woman on our staircase. She wore a white dress not of this time. I am still spooked thinking about it. And your sister has sensed something strange and even felt something brush up against her, but only when she is alone. So Terry I was wondering if you could find the time to come down here, stay for a bit and investigate this psychic phenomena. We'd be so grateful and forget about bringing your tent as we now have a spare bedroom....
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Terry you're here! Screeched Jessica.
He was her only brother and they were very close. Yes I'm here, he replied and ruffled the top of her head.
If there was paranormal activity going on then Terry would deal with it, just as he had done in the past. Jessica made the spare room up for her brother, she giggled to herself when she remembered how he'd pitched a tent up in the garden of their former home, she liked his eccentricity.
Jessica made afternoon tea of cream scones, ham and cucumber sandwiches and a pot of piping hot tea.
The 3 sat around the table and discussed the strange things going on, especially the lady in the old fashioned white dress that Richard had seen. Jessica wondered if it was this ghostly woman that had brushed past her. Even the note from Mrs Grier was strange. The key that was in Terrys outstretched hand was almost identical to the key hidden in Jessicas suitcase.......
After supper Terry went outside and returned shortly after with an assortment of ghost hunting items.. such as a nite vision camcorder, a tripod, a thermal imaging scanner and motion detectors.
If there is anything paranormal in this house my equipment will detect it. Within an hour Terry had set up his ghost hunting equipment then chugged down his third cup of black coffee so he was able to stay awake.
But surely the three items can be set to work while you are asleep Terry....
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"I'll stay up and keep watch tonight" said Terry.
"Time to meditate and pray certain prayers to make me more receptive to disturbances in the ether, for want of a better word."
Like devine intervention Terry. Jessica told me that in all your time investigating psychic phenomena that you had never actually seen a spirit, or apparition.
Yes Richard that is the reason I continue to do this as I am determined to finally see something tangible like you have.. not just sense, or see an impression on a thermal or motion device. It is like an itch I have to scratch. What a pity you did not capture the vision on film.
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Going into a spiritual trance as Jessica and Richard slept, Terry opened his soul to the fabric of the other world, chanting quiet prayers to seek out the lost soul in this house.
He had not told his sister Jessica, nor Richard, the true extent of his own experiences in South American countries. He had a rare sensitivity to the spirit world and had done numerous real exorcisms and sending on many troubled spirits to their afterlives.

He felt the pain of Alison's spirit that was held within this house and was determined to set her free. Her murder at the hands of her vile husband Daeved Penhalligon was very egregious to her soul passing on to her afterlife. Terry was in tears sensing the dreadful pain Alison was shrouded in.
In his mind's eye he saw a confused Alison crying out for release. She was not a danger like some violent spirits he'd dealt with in Mexico.
He would investigate more tomorrow before the Sun took flight.
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Jessica woke in the early hours, she was certain she could hear her brother chanting quietly, she nudged Richard who was fast asleep next to her.
Richard, she whispered, I think our Terry has made contact with someone or something.
Richard shot bolt upright, his first thought was the lady in the white dress that he saw, he was still traumatised by that image, he and Jessica were now wide awake and listening to Terry as he made contact with a spirit......
Terry was in the living room. No longer chanting. Look, he said. Both Jessica and Richard peered closely at a replay on the camcorder and what was clearly captured on the screen. It shocked the both of them.

"That is the identical vision I had of Alison.. same dress, same solemn expression, same staircase" This time the vision was accompanied by sound, a mournful moaning and sobbing as Alison glided down the staircase. Hang on, look Jessica that is not our staircase. It's from another era, see." Both Terry and Jessica agreed. "It must be the original one built by Penhalligon. So we are seeing a scene being played out from another era. My guess is this is the same day that Penhalligon found out his wife was an adulteress and killed her'.
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When Richard had left for work Terry was helping Jessica clean up breakfast dishes.
"I'm off today Jessica wanting to investigate further about your ghost. I'll be back by sunset and happy to get a Curry take-away.
Don't fret too much, Alison's ghost is not the malevolent type and I doubt she'd cause you any harm.
I didn't tell Mum, Dad nor yourself about my own real experiences with ghosts, possessions and the like. Truth is, I've seen quite a few ghosts, or felt their presence. Even once in Brazil I excised an angry and violent poltergeist. That was tough and I got physically and emotionally hurt by that evil spirit. See these deep scars here on my chest. It did that to me. That was my hardest case.
The Church and many like me keep these things away from the light of day, mainly the Press. They'd brand us as Lunatics!

Your ghost is nothing like that Poltergeist and is just a lost soul in her own spiritual turmoil. She needs our help.
Pity her, don't fear her. I must draw her to the divine light.

So off I go now to check out some things about Alison. I've packed away all my stuff now seeing the next step required to free Alison's troubled Soul.

Could I borrow that key Mrs Grier gave to you Jessica? I'll drop into her's too and would like to check out that relative of the poor girl murdered by that evil man Daeved Penhalligon. I need Earth from his grave.

You're welcome to join and help me if you wish Jessica?

We also need to find and exhume Alison's body on this rambling estate, also the poor murdered servant's wrongly buried body. They need to be found and given proper rites and burials on sacred ground. We'd need to speak to the Police too letting them know, if needed, and they could even help?
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Jessica handed her brother the key but decided not to go with him. The thought of a takeaway sounded delicious.The thought of exhuming dead bodies though sent shivers down her spine. She knew though that Terry would be thorough so this didn't surprise her. She'd never seen her brothers scars before but hoped they weren't infected with anything nasty.

Jessica rang Richard at work but he didn't answer his phone, she hated to be in the house alone and wanted to know what time he'd be back. She tried to take her mind off things when suddenly she heard a thump from upstairs, she almost jumped out of her skin, she had to investigate so very slowly climbed up the stairs, she turned into the master bedroom and let out a scream.....her open suitcase was in the middle of the floor and her secret key was glowing..........she screamed for Richard........
Richard must have had a sixth sense that his wife was in a state of terror as he made his apologies to the c company chairman and left the meeting with a brief.. I have to go home boss.
After risking a speeding ticket n the drive home Richard found his wife sitting on the master bed sobbing and clearly shaken. What is it sweetheart.
Look Richard on the floor.
Whose key is this. what is going on Jessica and where is Terry?
"Here Richard", said a panting Terry, with Mrs Grier and her dog Buster behind in tow.
"We were just having a cuppa and chat.

Good grief Jessica, you look pale" said Terry.

"How are you Richard, you look like you'd fight and kill a tiger bare handed. We'll fix it, eh? It's a real but not a vindictive spirit. I've seen worse, ?.,.on my thermal imaging tech, waves and things...
I'm working on it, ok, we'll get through this. "

"What's happened? bellowed Mrs Grier comimg up slowly holding an old framed picture that Richard recognised. The lady in White.

Buster kept politely wagging his tail while gently sniffing everyone and other things beyond our mere human scents. (pun intended)
Jessica was relieved to see her husband and brother, oh guys I'm so scared in this house when I'm alone, she cried, please don't leave me alone Richard, then she noticed Mrs Grier, oh Mrs Grier, cried Jessica, please help us to rid this house of the poor lady who was murdered by her husband, yelled Jessica, my brother Terry is an expert on things of this nature but we do need someone with local knowledge to help us. Richard went white as the sight of the picture held by Mrs Grier.

Jessica composed herself then told the story of the key to the 3 people present, she recalled going into an antique shop looking for something different to hang in her lounge when the shop owner told her about the old brass key she now held in her hand, he told her it had hidden powers and she should use it to ward off anything unpleasant, as she said this Mrs Griers dog bared his teeth and stared into a corner, his fur stood up and so were his ears, just then Jessicas key started to glow in her outstretched hand.....
"This key is bewitched. Dogs are extra sensitive to psychic phenomena I was reading".
Then Richard turned his attention to Mrs Grier.

"Mrs Grier, with the utmost respect, you have been keeping something of vital significance from us. I refer to the person in the painting you are holding. Why was this hanging in your living room and what is your relationship to the woman, who happens to bear an incredible likeness to the psychic vision I have witnessed in this house plus the vision Jessica's brother captured on camera"?
I agree with my husband Mrs Grier, you're keeping something from us, said Jessica.
Mrs Grier was now the centre of our attention. We were waiting for her to reply when suddenly Terry started chanting, the more he chanted the brighter the key glowed. Mrs Grier held the picture above her head and started chanting with Terry......
Terry and Mrs Grier, holding her picture high, keep chanting words in what seemed like Latin.

Jessica had studied some Latin herself, like Richie had too.

Buster quietly backed away with his ears down and disappeared into a dark corner.

Without stopping chanting, Terry pulled out a small crystal vial, lifted off its silver stopper, and started sprinkling. He sprinkled in decreasing circles towards the glowing key.
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