DVCA Off-Season 2021


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That’s good news.. but doesn’t who plays fall back on the clubs?
It does, but its up to the player to get registered and to be registered you must either be vaxxed or have a medical exemption. This way the player is not handing over any personal information to a club official. That is my main objection to any comps requirement.


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I don't believe any third party has the right to demand your medical history and that's how it should be. Saying that you have to "register" implies some over seeing body has to police the registration process and they wouldn't have the right to demand such information either and I believe the fines for doing so under the privacy act are quite hefty.

Then the question is; how long to do want this to go on. Will we still be having to show some proof of vaccination in 5 years? Like it or lump it, everyone will be exposed to this virus sooner or later, that will make any talk of a vaccination "passport" pointless.

...and before anyone starts screaming "antivaxxer" at me, I am not, get vaccinated guys. I do however believe peoples rights and privacy need to be protected.


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As long as no one from the club has the right to ask for your vax status.
That would also mean the DVCA or Cricket Australia couldn't ask such a thing either and frankly, they can't under current law. I know I'm invoking the slippery slope fallacy, but it does have precedent. Imagine you suddenly allow organisations to enquire as to the medical procedures you've had. A vaccination is a medical procedure, but what if a club paying money for a player wants to know if he has had any knee surgery, or have they had any stress fractures. A company hiring you wants to know if you've had a heart attack or if you are diabetic, that's scary stuff because you're on the brink of creating an underclass of people who can't get a job or partake in recreational activities. I realise that is taking things to the extreme, but you have got to be careful of the legal and ethical precedents you set and current laws are in place to stop exactly that happening.

I think what we're all skirting around is the issue of; what happens if there is an outbreak in the competition, who is liable? Clearly this issue would come under voluntary assumption of risk, the same as we accept that injury or even death could happen as the result of the game. Negligence is something you cannot indemnify yourself against, so would be allowing an unvaccinated player to compete result in a claim of negligence? I don't think so on two fronts; we already may have unvaccinated players in the competition, who knows if everyone has had their triple antigen shots? Some of you older players for example may not have had the chicken pox vaccine. Secondly, the risks of not being vaccinated are now well known and by the time the season rolls around everyone will have had the opportunity to get a vaccination. If you can't sue Coles for catching a virus in their store, you can't sue the comp or club if you catch a virus on the field.