Money Shield 18/19


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Why Telfer? Is Warrawee Park unavailable?
Jesus there were enough complains about our rooms, just imagine the whinging about the tree half way to the boundary. Anyways the council just spent a gazillion on those rooms at Telfer, someone might as well use them.


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What would be the difference between playing at Loyola this year compared to last season if the rooms are being upgraded?
They are being completely rebuilt. So the section that was the rooms will become the change rooms, they will be extended forward for the function rooms, toilets, bar, canteen etc. There would be no facilities available at all for 1's and 2's cricket.

It's easy to bag the rooms we had, but the club built what it could afford at the time and I reckon unlike many of your clubs, we had to put a substantial amount of club money into building those rooms at the time. I'm sure if we were attached to a football club we'd have had much better rooms years ago, but we're not.


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On that, is football played there? If its not, why wasn't the upgrade planned for winter?
There is a scoreboard down the far end of the ground, I think footy might have been played there many years ago, long before I joined the club. The baseball diamond has been largely cleaned up, there's no more tracks of gravel and second base which was on the field is now covered in cricket season with a fake turf mat. The pitching mound though we can't remove and why that boundary is slightly shorter.

The upgrade was initially planned to be completed by November, but the first tenders came in over the allocated budget. It's a little bit of a pain, but it's just one season and won't effect things that much really.


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A bloke that played 10 games in D Grade last season. Obviously he fancies himself if he's posting his movements on here.
Was just intrigued whether he has been chased or moved on his own behalf, fringed the last few seasons. Another Lower player moving on