Donald J Trump a businessman trying to play President.
Should he have been impeached or worse over the obvious incitement to create violence when the Capital was stormed by his red neck supporters.
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Australia will send Bushmaster armored vehicles to Ukraine following a specific request by President Zelenskiy.
The Yanks swear by this Aussie designed/built troop carrier.
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Donald J Trump a businessman trying to play President.
Should he have been impeached or worse over the obvious incitement to create violence when the Capital was stormed by his red neck supporters.
Ignore him. He's a nutcase that should be in a mental age care home
Putin may not find overwhelming the eastern Donbass region any easier than capturing the Ukranian capital.
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War is always a disaster, no matter how small the country is, it often brings tragedy to at least several countries. My brother served in Afghanistan many years, and it seemed to me that the military confrontation there would never end. But in Ukraine the situation is different. War is always a crime against civilians, my relative even had to turn to Military sexual assault lawyer when he was serving in the east. It was a difficult situation, but he won the case in court. Btw, as for compare with Afghanistan - the number of civilian casualties is measured in tens of thousands. The same numbers are now approaching the civilian casualties in Ukraine.
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This article will open some eyes. Wonder if it was released in Russia.
Probably not. I do wish he was right but I wouldn't be so sure. What his article lacks is all the points not supporting his main theses and there's a number of them. He shouldn't forget that it's not just Putin alone who is obsessed with trying to wipe out Ukraine but his whole clique who would take over should something happen. I wonder why a professor of political science wouldn't want to talk about an autocratic system in Russia rather than a fascist one?
You can tell Putin is lying simply by seeing his lips are moving.
The rubbish he spouts is not even believed by his own people.
Putin is causing great harm to the whole world, especially in poorer countries as in Africa where the lack of Ukrainian Wheat is causing famines. Also on the economic front, the whole world's finance markets are in retreat heralding a big depression coupled with inflation. That sure affects many even like myself financially by shrinking my retirement nest egg and lowering the purchasing power of what's left.
Also, with the world now clearly seeing the dire affects of climate change, this war could not have come at a worse time.
This one despot is a liability to the whole planet and many will dance with joy if one of his own takes him out. He does have a personal security force of 50,000 though, paid for by the sweat of his proles.
Some even say he's the richest man on the planet, but as usual he lies about that. He is truly evil. Hopefully he'll suffer a fate like Mussolini.
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Vladimir Putin invaded a former friend and partner because he wanted a return to the Soviet/Eastern Block Russian Empire of the early 20th century when one part of Europe was free to live as it pleased while another was firmly under the yoke of tyranny.
This tyrant who is a throwback to those times of repression of its people and a blind hatred of the West and everything it stood for, seems oblivious to the harm his invasion of a sovereign nation is doing to his reputation. He is oblivious to the Ukrainian resolve which he underestimated and has shown what it means to defend ones own land. He is oblivious to the many military defeats, the unrest by his soldiers from the lowest to the most senior ranks. He is oblivious to the thousands of grieving Russian families who have had to bury their sons, brothers and fathers. He is oblivious to his unlawful annexation of four Ukrainian provinces that are only partly controlled by Russian backed combatants protecting Russian populations. He is oblivious to mega rich Russian obligarchs turning against him and his Kremlin cronies. He is oblivious to the growing dissent by ordinary Russian people who see their relatively good lifestyle and affordable cost of living being eroded and trashed. That if pushed too far could well bring about another Russian revolution.
In short Vladimir Putin is delusional.
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I'd like to see the Russian people topple their depot who has caused so much pain to the whole world because of his callous grasping for power. He's a global liability in a time of crisis with Covid, Gobal warming, Inflation, ... A rope can be reused or auctioned off.
Trouble is remove one despot and another will replace him. You have to completely sever the head to kill the snake. That is take down the Kremlin elite. Can only be done by a military coup me thinks. Wont be easy either as evidently Putin has a 50k man personal guard. WOW!
It's a perilous path being trod I feel Ritchie, so many cards to play, and Putin's vicious grip on power. It's already come back to haunt him, impoverished Russians and so many millions of others on a global scale. Not happy Putin!
I bet Nato forces are on high alert at least given the big red button on Phaukin's desk.
Time the Russians had another Revolution given the raw indignation of almost the whole globe at Putin's putrid purpose.
His own people despise him as evidenced by the flight of potential conscripts who have the wit and conscience not to become cannon fodder for some Butcher General.

I heard again today the starvation of many third world nations, greatly worsened by the now spiteful blockade of Ukrainian grain to the world. Spiteful because Ukraine dares to fight back and blow up Putin's precious bridge to Crimea, another stolen territory.

The new lie of Putin's is accusing Ukraine of having intentions of using a dirty radioactive bomb. This new lie, he thinks, will allow him to justify using tactical nukes.
Biden calls him out about his shallow and transperant lies. Putin the Liar only fools himself.

On a side note, Six giant US B52 long range Bombers, capable of dropping nukes, are to be now stationed in my Australia's Northern Territory, to help counter balance Chinese expansionist ambitions in the region, like invading Taiwan. Not that they'll carry nukes, initially....
The paralell with the Invasion of Ukraine is noticed by the Chinese with plain as day ambitions to take over Taiwan and many other Pacific Island nations, with debt traps, inserting their own police officers (special ones), ... etc. Some drongo sold the port in Darwin to a Chinese company. Seeing such a strong fight back against Russia's illegal and brutal invasion of Ukraine, with so much material support from so many other Nations, Xi may think it seems Putin has made a dreadful mistake. He has made Russia into a Terrorist Pariah state the world will shun and isolate, at least while Putin is in charge. And Chinese Dictator for Life Xi Jimping sees all this with his inscrutable gaze.

Russia and China calling themselves Communists is a joke. That's just a sly cover over their autocratic totalitarian regimes led by Dictators and elites. Fascism in action and ironically Putin calls the Ukrainians Fascists.
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How very true every word Terry. I can not add to that. Except to say I understand the Darwin Port was leased not sold. A huge outcry about this a year or two back but lost headlines when Covid was in full fury. We need to revisit this asap as having this commie/dictator/autocratic regime controlling one of our major northern gateways.. is madness. You can bet the company has ties to Beijing and the elites.