VTCA Season 2019/20


What’s the go with play this weekend hearing lots of grounds still unavailable
Yep hearing that as well,might be some ground reshuffling to get games going. Possibly Sunday games for lower grades rather than on Saturday .Hopefully any changes to fixtures are made early so team selections can take in to consideration player availability on Sunday


Looks like some games decided to use it even though no mention in rule book that its to be applied in our comp. Will be interesting how results will be applied.
That's because the president of the competition who's listed as the rules contact on the Match and Admin Policy when contacted by umpires advised them that was the rule. It's a disgrace and he should resign he's position immediately can't he read?


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The reserve day is already full with round 1 games senior division is not involved in this issue as far as I'm aware
Senior matches were all draws anyway.

North and West divisions round 1 games were 2 day fixtures which reverted to one day games so the reserve day is available as far as I know.