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Piston Broke

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Brunswick wont have to play Caulfield,the North are playing the weaker East group so absolutely no excuses this time.Btw longy everyone said that about Kew last year and someone did get near them didnt they!


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Extremely well, have won a couple of flags and played off in second tier GF last year
Though you may know more than I do???
Go to their Facebook page to find out 2 big signings. About a year or so ago the club secured a spot at a nearby Bingo Centre and I believe the signings will be funded from that. President of one of the clubs told me the player it lost to Sunshine told him it had offered him $30K for the forthcoming season and he would only remain if the club could match it. A cricket mercenary I would say given this is the third club he has moved to in successive seasons. A lot of money floats around in the senior division. But where is cricket headed given I am reading posts on this site about big money being offered to middle aged men!?