Subbies Thread


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I don’t make enough during the week and I’m not good enough to be paid on the weekends. I love my cricket and the club nonetheless.

What about you Winki??
You seem to be very keen on the cash. Are you one of those players?
I wonder who your sources are r.e. Money that is spent at certain clubs or do you just guess like some of these other blokes on here.
This aged well....too much cash and too many points now

Round the grounds

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What an absolute disgrace Brighton are. Two weeks in a row they choose to take the field with 10. All because they refuse to accept the "umpire's decision". They disrespect their opposition and disrespect the association. I am shocked the VSDCA haven't come down hard on this, take their points off them, financial penalty, do something. If I was playing them next week I would be informing the comp right now that my club was claiming a forfeit, maybe the comp should rush in a new rule outlawing this disgraceful practice. Appalling unsportsmanlike behaviour that has permanently damaged their club.