But you did. :) Thanks, Terry. That would be a first for me. Lobster, oysters, a crab and shrimps I can identify but have never eaten.
Now we've got plenty of food. Who's gonna eat all that?☺
I've eaten shrimps and prawns, never eaten oysters or crab or lobster.
never eaten crab or lobster.
That may be about to change Jessica as Australia/UK has just now completed a new trade deal, so I expect you may find the best Aussie lobbies, crab, fish, oysters in your shops at some time. They will probably be cheaper for you Poms than what we Aussies pay, yet we produced them.
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Grier Grier and Richie Richie I'm aware that I'm lagging behind with my presents for you. Need to give it a think. 😊
Well, since you've had such a busy Christmas as a host, it is now time to relax. My present for you, Grier Grier Terry, is a dinner voucher for a restaurant of your choice, preferably one you haven't been to, where you'll be served for a change and, ideally, get some inspiration for a new dish. Have a good bite. :thumbsu:

Thanks for that impressive rough-terrain bike (is it?). There'll be no limits as to the route I can take. :thumbsu:
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Australia/UK trade deal has been completed Jessica, so I expect you may find the best Aussie lobbies, crab, fish, oysters in your shops at some time.
Morning Craig. You see Jessica hasn't eaten all of the seafood either, though she lives on an island surrounded by fish.;)
Well our Christmas Day went off with a bang. After gorging ourselves on the smorgasbord of food we washed it down with the finest German, English ales and wines, plus Aussie rum/ liqueur. 😋 In the evening we sat and sipped warm egg nogs by the blazing fire, then some played games or listened to music.
Good news Jessica our snowman won second prize at the village snowman competition.⛄
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Evening Thomas. Surprised you are up so late as I woke late and expected my northern hemisphere friends to be catching their 😴 How was your real Christmas Day?
Yes, it's late which is why I'll tell you tomorrow (or later today for you). Nice that you started the ball rolling. Nighty-n...😴
How was everyones REAL Christmas Day.
Only the three of us with my brother/sil joining his sons family up the coast from Sydney. A simple Chrissie Day for me, listened to carols, then watched several versions of Scrooge: A Christmas Carol then tucked into a roast turkey with all the trimmings. I then partook of several of my fave tipple, JD Tennersee Honey whiskey while listening to the ICEHOUSE White Heat album from 2011...
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I had a lovely Christmas day dinner at my friend's home, sister of of my old pal I was a volunteer companion to. Five other people one of which was a brilliant cook serving up a plethora of delicious Sea food dishes. Beer and white wine and two dogs, one that never stopped barking.

That was all shattered the next morning when my old and dear friend died peacefully in his sister's arms.
Inoperable throat cancer due to his life saving surgery being delayed 6 months due to an underfunding of our health system despite a $6 billion surplus for a state population of just over 2 million.
Hence I'm in mourning and may not be around for a while. I'm helping to clear out his home and busy, busy busy. So much to do and his last art work was to paint two of my garden figurines, one for me and one for his sister, my dear friend too. Keepsakes and reminders of him. His sister allowed me to take one of his paintings too.
A dear friend I loved and so incredibly intelligent and compassionate. He was the smartest student in my School year of 450 kids. I'll miss him dreadfully. We were close friends for 53 years and played Soccer together in various teams, even in State finals. He was centre forward and I was his right winger with the ability to chip the ball accurately to him to head into goals. We practised that move a lot.
Rip dear Michael.
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